Monday, April 24, 2006

SWEET! It's a chicken suite! Or, life on the farm as we know it.

V and I spent an idyllic weekend on our mini farm, doing mostly farm chores. The first thing we did was add to our chicken run to give the ladies a bit more space to flap, scratch, and peck. It just so happens that we have a portable dog run--a really nice, heavy-duty brass one that pins down into the ground. We thought it might work as an additional little pasture for the little gals...and though it took lots of creative thought along with some sweat and more than one scraped knuckle, we managed to make it work, and the ladies love it! They can really stretch out if they want, and there's about 3X the grass to nibble on. Even I never realized just how much fun having chickens would be!

Project #2 was mowing the lawn with our brand spanking new garden tractor. It's got a 54" deck to make mowing 4 acres a tad shorter, at least. So far, so good, although the hills are really scary. Those will take some getting used to (unless we manage to plant them up before mowing time rolls around again). Eeek.

Project #3 was to mix up some lime putty, but project #4 kind of took precedent.

Project #4 was dinner! BBQed chicken on the grill and HOMEMADE ICE CREAM and HOT FUDGE. Ohmygosh, what a lovely way to finish off the day! Then we went inside, watched West Wing, and hit the hay as tired little farmer wannabes. What a fun weekend.

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