Friday, April 28, 2006

Fresh-cut grass....the bestest smell that ever there was

V and I finally knuckled under and bought a garden tractor. We really wanted a Kubota with attachment capabilities, but that will have to wait a few years, so we decided to get a Huskee from Tractor Supply Company. It's not the highest of the high-end garden tractors, but it'll do until we can afford the orange! We already mowed the whole 4 acres with it, and it did a great job. The pasture takes a loooong time. At least it seems like it takes a loooong time because there's nothing to break it up. You know, on the regular yard there's an outhouse to steer around, several trees, the chicken suite, etc. Not that it's a full-fledged slalom course or anything, but there's a bit more excitement to be had than out in the pasture.

And now, some of my favorite smells:
--fresh-cut grass
--sawdust (not kidding, I love it!)
--sun-dried laundry of any kind

How's that for random??!!?!? :)

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katielady said...

Fresh-cut grass makes me sneeze to high heaven! If I even get a whiff, I can bet that my sinuses will not be happy, so I typically have to remove myself from the area.

Which is sad, because I used to thoroughly enjoy mowing my parents several acres growing up. Then it was discovered that it was possibly one reason why I was sick all the time. So then my mom had to do it.