Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The ladies are HERE!

I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I have excellent reasons.

1) I've been out of town for the last several days on a combo business/personal fun trip to Chicago...more on that later.

2) The chickens are officially ensconced in their little super suite! I've already named them, of course. I'm calling the true "redheads" Mattie and Lisa, and the red/speckled black and brown hens are Fiona, Edie, and Stella. Mattie and Lisa will lay brown eggs and Fiona, Edie, and Stella will lay Easter egg colors. I'm beyond giddy with anticipation about the first egg, which we probably won't see until sometime in May.

First, a few pictures:

The bricks are to keep opossums and raccoons out until we come up with something better or more permanent.

Aren't they lovely? We have CHICKENS! :P


katielady said...

Silly question: Why won't you have any eggs until May? Do the chickens have to get over the stress of being relocated before they'll lay any?

Like all women, I'd imagine that stress and travel affect their 'schedule.' Hee! :)

G said...

They won't start laying until they're about 5 months old. That said, I think they do also take a little while to get over the stress of the drive.

Thank goodness I didn't have to move five tiny shoe closets! :)

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Maria from the eBay Dolls Board here. Just wait'll you find that first little egg (they start out small) - you'll have a party!

Eggness = that sublime state of being when your hens are laying. :o)

Anonymous said...


I am so utterly jealous.

I went through a seriously intense I WANT CHICKENS phase...until reality set in and I realized that our suburban backyard is really not an appropriate place. Even if we do have some woods and space - my neighbors would spurn me for sure.

Your girls are beautiful!

(squeaky from the SoapDish forum :)