Friday, September 02, 2005

What on EARTH have we gotten ourselves into?

I wrote in my previous post that we intended to fully document the house in the state in which we bought it. Now I can write that we were, apparently, completely oblivious to what that meant.

Case in point: we began with the dining room, which housed a lovely early American cupboard. I should mention that this lovely cupboard was absolutely chock-full of stuff. Old stuff, new stuff, beautiful stuff, kitschy was all there, it was all ours, and it was all in need of cataloging and archiving. Somehow.

Here's a picture to give you some tiny idea of what we will be dealing with. I'm not complaining--not by a LONG shot--but it is a little overwhelming.

Uhhhhh, yeah. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg. There is also a huuuuge cedar chest in the bedroom that is full of linens and blankets. And every room in the house is full. The problem for us will be that it's full of someone else's stuff, and we've got to make room for our stuff. Definitely gonna be a tight fit for a while!

There is such a great sense of history here. You can practically see the timeline of the people who have lived in and loved this house. It's obvious that they loved it--they certainly took good care of it!

Next step: moving day! Wish us luck. :)


katielady said...

WOW! I can't believe you got the house with ALL the stuff!!!! How exciting, and what an antique collector's dream! (I'm speaking of myself, of course.)

I'm so totally jealous!

G said...

Yeah, I'm still having to pinch myself when I think about it! Honestly, though, it's a little overwhelming. We want to do right by the house, the family who owned it for so long, and the objects themselves, and I'm not sure where the happy medium is in all that.