Friday, August 26, 2005

Spooky, spooky!

Right after we bought the house, we decided to completely document it in the state in which we found it. We did this for several reasons: we knew it would never again look just the way it did when the previous family lived there, and we wanted to get a good idea of what items were in the house and where they had been located before. I won't get into the other reasons. They're not that exciting (For that matter, maybe reasons #1 and 2 weren't that exciting, either. Live with it.).

Anyway, I ended up planning to go alone on Sunday because V was working on school stuff. On Saturday night I had a fairly spooky dream...I dreamt that I was walking through the house with a video camera and that as I walked past one of the mirrors upstairs, I looked in and saw my face plus another face looking back at me. Egads! I woke up in a cold sweat. What was weird is that it wasn't so much that the face was threatening or anything, more than anything it was the mere fact of being startled.

It was enough to compel me to introduce myself to the house when I went on Sunday (of course I still went!). I walked in and realized that this was the first time ever I'd been alone in the place. So, I took a deep breath and told the house that V and I had just bought it and that if there were any residents still hanging around, they were more than welcome to stay as long as we could all get along. The house feels happy. It just really has a peaceful vibe to it, so I didn't figure we'd be besieged with ghouls and goblins or anything. But I did think it was fair and right to say hello and be polite, just in case. I told the house how much we love it and how incredibly lucky we feel to have found it, and that we hope we will be as happy there as the family who had owned it for so many years.

That day I did indeed videotape the entire house, and what do you know--no spooky faces in mirrors. I'm not saying that my little introduction turned the tide, but maybe it didn't hurt!


Kim said...

Hi there! I just wanted to welcome you to the houseblogs community:) I've read your entries thus far and I'm looking forward to reading your updates. Your new old house is very beautiful!

G said...

Thanks--I need to catch up now that it's December! I have a journal of sorts that I've been trying to transcribe, just so there's a full history of what we've done/what we're doing.

purejuice said...

i love your house, and communicating the spirits in a house is always important. justbeginning to read your saga, from the start.

purejuice said...

sorry. communicating very difficult without sufficient caffeine.