Saturday, September 24, 2005

Moving day...or, as it has become to be known, it-of-which-we-must-never-speak-again

A daggoned MONSOON greeted us this morning. Of course--it's moving day! Who wouldn't love to move in torrential downpour rains and 20-40 MPH wind gusts? Heck, it's just like putting fun in a bottle!

We have very kind and generous friends and family. Friends and family who were willing to come help us move in spite of the fact that the U-Haul was practically floating away. They trudged through the mud and slop, back and forth, back and forth, until finally one house was empty and another was full.

The bright spot of the day was trying to move our behemoth of a refrigerator. We bought it two houses ago, special ordered it in fact so we could get our must-have features, and when we moved to the 'hood we discovered that it wouldn't fit into the kitchen. So we put it into the dungeon basement. Or I should say the moving crew put it down there. Now that we've had the pleasure of lugging it back up, I can tell you I have no clue how they got it down there without breaking themselves or the fridge. That thing is an absolute MONSTER! It took several of us grunting and straining with everything we had just to get it halfway up the stairs. Getting it out the door and onto the truck (with its nice, slippery-when-wet metal ramp) was another story entirely. It was our own little September miracle that it didn't fall on anyone.

Now, moving day is finished. We're exhausted. Our friends and family are exhausted. And the best part of all? We're too tired to put our bed together, so we'll be sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor. Oooooh, comfy.

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