Saturday, August 02, 2008

Like a virgin...HOOO!

I pulled up the living room carpet tonight to find something kind of neat. Virgin heart pine floors. There was obviously a large area rug, oilcloth, maybe even a linoleum rug in the room at some point and the floors were stained just at the very edges. I would have expected that at some point the rest of the floor would have been exposed, and this, would have been stained and/or sealed. But au contraire! It's going to be a show-stopper when it gets a nice deep treatment of mineral oil and then several coats of beeswax/mineral oil paste.


After, showing the stained outer edges and the like-new wood moving toward the center. So delish!

And for all the other wood uber geeks, a nice "money shot" of the grain. *Swoon* Isn't it dreamy?


Sandy said...

Dreamy, indeed!

Phil said...

Same kind of thing with my old house, floors only painted/finished where you would see it.

I believe the explanation is that the paint/stain/finish was very expensive and nobody went to the cost of finishing something that they knew would be covered by a carpet (which probably was also very expensive).