Sunday, July 27, 2008


I have heard other owners of old houses comment on their 80percentitis, and apparently it is a disease that is contagious. I have developed a tremendously bad case of it. You may have 80percentitis if:
  • You take each of your projects just to the point where it doesn't look "bad" (of course, it doesn't look "good" either) and get bored or disenchanted
  • As you survey your fiefdom you realize that this happens quite a lot
  • Any time visitors come to your house you find yourself saying "and I need to finish that by . . . [insert small task here] but [insert random project here] came up and I couldn't wait to get started!"

Those are but a few of the symptoms. I've got it bad, baby! I have 80%-stripped wallpaper, 80%-yanked-up carpet, 80% primed/painted walls.

I can only hope there is a cure out there. ;)


Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Oh baby, we have that... only in our case it's about 95%-itis. There will be like one piece of trim missing in a room.

PlantingOaks said...

ooch. We're closer to 50-percent-itis. Or maybe 80-percent-of-what-we-can-see.
I feel your pain.

If you find a cure, let us know! (the blog isn't out of's just that we haven't done a blessed thing since then!)

We've even tried having house guests. I suppose that's the downside to non-judgmental friends.

Jason said...

Hee - I didn't realize there was a word for my disorder!

ang said...

80% here too. I have the bedroom almost finished I just need a kick in the butt to finish up.