Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, one wall at least. (sigh) The accent wall, which will be gold metallic, is primed and will be ready for coat #1 of paint in about two hours. The metallic paint is a two-step process. First I will need to put on at least one coat, possibly two, of a buff-golden-yellow colored base paint. After that dries I'll put on the metallic overcoat. I'm a little worried about that because it seems to be a bit persnickety in how it is applied. A second metallic overcoat may be in order...supposedly that makes it really shine.

Beyond the metallic gold, I have sample sized jars of two different reds and will put those next to the gold metallic just to see which one is "my" red. It is amazingly difficult to find red paint that has no blue or pink/purple undertones. Never would have guessed it but GEEZ.

Pictures at day's end, I promise! I hope it looks as good in reality as it looks in my head. :D

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Larry said...

What did you use as primer?