Friday, May 25, 2007

Cooking out

We're having a little cookout this weekend for some friends and I am so looking forward to breaking out the grill for the dozenth time this year!
Why is it that anything cooked on a grill magically tastes better than if it had been cooked another way? Case in point: hot dogs. I definitely can't stand them boiled. Pan fried they're pretty good. But grilled....MMMMMM! They get that crispy skin on the outside and have that awesome "grilled" flavor. Ohboy. Even bread tastes better grilled than, say, toasted.

I realize this post is completely random and quite pointless, but some days I'm just like that. :)

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Katie Lady said...

I had to comment and tell you that we bought an old house in Houston! Not as old and historic as yours, but it's a 1925 cottage that's had a few updates, and we love it!

And yes, everything tastes better grilled. Now we just need to get one for ourselves. That's next on the purchase list.