Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last night's planting

I planted 8 hostas, 2 foxgloves, some unidentified but cute groundcover, several dead nettle, and a couple of perennial phlox. Boy oh boy was I a sweaty mess. It was 87 degrees last night! Seems as though we went straight from winter to summer.

Our shade bed is going to be shaping up nicely this year, I think. And with my little winter-sown sproutlings we'll have a good bunch of plants for a sun bed too.

I love to garden. Hard work aside, it is so fulfilling and I enjoy the sensation of digging in the dirt, of nurturing, and of seeing the results of hard work. It just doesn't get any better!


ellipsisknits said...

If you post a picture of the groundcover, I'm sure someone (maybe even me) could peg it for you.
I'd love to see pictures of the rest of the garden as well.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Were you happy with the results of your winter sowing experiments?