Monday, September 03, 2007

MAY??? Seriously?

It has been waaaaay too long since I've posted, apparently. I logged on today and noticed that my last post was at the end of May. Um, busy summer, much?

A lot has been happening. Our auction is over (don't ever send a houseful of stuff to an auction if you want to make big money 'cause it ain't gonna happen) and we totally cleaned our upstairs storage room, which is also the largest bedroom. We might just take it for ourselves once we strip the wallpaper, paint, etc.

The biggest house happening is that our new windows will be installed starting tomorrow! Woohoo!!!!! Goodbye, craptacular aluminum replacements from sometime in the '60s. We so won't miss you. We ended up going with Marvin because they had really great customer service, they've been in business a long time, and we were able to get semi-custom windows for *fairly* reasonable prices. I think it's the happiest we've ever been to write such a humongous check. These windows cost more than my car. There--that puts it all into perspective, doesn't it? :)


Mark said...

Glad to hear your getting your windows done. I'm certain they'll be an improvement over what was there. Also good to see a post. Has been a while for sure not that I post that regularly. LOL

phishlady said...

Discovered your blog while searching for information on lime plaster. I didn't ever see any updates on how the bathroom ended up, and whether you plastered any more rooms after that. Besides how difficult it is to get the walls straight, any other comments about how it went? I can't find much online from people doing this themselves on the interior of their house, so I'd love to read anything you feel like posting! Would you do it again, or would you choose something else?

phishlady said...

I've been reading your archived blog posts for information about the lime plastering you did--well, once I found your first lime plaster post I read the entire blog to see if there was extra information tucked in the other posts anywhere that I'd missed. :) Thanks for posting the information, I've been searching on and off for weeks and not found many tales of homeowners who dove in themselves to use lime plaster.

Mostly what I find is along the lines of, "this is how people used to do it, but if you want plaster on your walls hire a professional with lots of experience". Not very helpful. :P

So anyway, thanks again and feel free to write an update with any additional thoughts about how it went, what you'd do different, etc. if you want!! :) We intend to plaster our basement this winter (we're finishing it), but I think we're going to chicken out in the end and use portland cement plaster, simply because we've worked with cement before and it has at least a tiny chance of chemically bonding to the existing walls (ok, basically nil but it makes me feel better to pretend).

We don't have anything like an old Victorian farmhouse, just a 90-year-old suburban rambler that was definitely not put together with any exceptional craftsmanship; built with good bones, but at least we don't have to feel bad about completely ripping out walls, floors, etc. because there wasn't anything special there in the first place.

Someday I hope to have the kind of home that begs for time and care in creating/fixing walls of lime plaster, and I'd love to learn all I can now!! :)


PS Um, I think I accidentally flagged your blog as containing "objectionable content"... I thought the little "Flag" button at the top meant I could flag it as a favorite blog or something...