Thursday, August 03, 2006

Would you buy organic (or at least natural ingredient only) dog shampoo?

My friend and I have been talking about ways to make some extra cash and hopefully in the process build up a business that is strong enough for us to cut back a little on the ol' work schedules as they are right now. Work just has not been fulfilling these last several months. I'm finding myself very apathetic about marketing. If I could do preservation work full-time, I'd love it, but it's a hard field to break into, especially for woman and especially in the trades. We aren't in a place financially where I can just leap into a complete career change, but the more time I spend doing things other than marketing, the antsier I get to make the switch!

I'd call what I'm going through a midlife crisis, but I'm not quite to midlife yet. I guess I'm having a pre-midlife crisis. Anyway, we came upon this idea to make earth-friendly, natural, as organic as possible, pet products: shampoos, detanglers, treats, even collars/leashes and sweaters and the like. Since she has a dog and we have the cats, we have our test subjects all lined up, and we have friends with ferrets, birds, and rats/hamsters/guinea pigs. So we basically cover the spectrum of common pets. We're going to start working in our test kitchen this week, trying to develop a good basic line that is expandable if the need arises in the future.

Any pet owners out there? Would you spring for stuff like that, as long as it was not prohibitively expensive? We're counting on you to say YES! :)


Laurie said...

well, you're probably going through a quarter-life crisis. It's quite common and their are books written about it an articles. in fact, i was pretty much having one about 4 years ago, right before i decided i would HAVE to get a second master's degree to do what i want. i was really beating myself up for getting the wrong degree and feeling like i couldn't continue on in my field for the rest of my life. blah blah blah

In my town, Corvallis Oregon, there is a store that features "wholesome" pet food products and that's all they sell. so they have a lot of organic food and products. you might want to check what's out there, and talk with them or do some research on their business and how successful it is or is not before you go into business.

Di said...

I'd happily buy all-natural dog shampoo, but only if it was ph balanced and biodegradable. Our outdated septic system (really just a glorified hole in the ground) means that we have to take extra care in what we put down the drains. Since I have to buy it anyways, I'd be more than happy to buy from a fellow houseblogger :)

katielady said...

I wouldn't, but I know a lot of people in NYC DEFINITELY would!