Thursday, November 10, 2005

What we've found, or, "how many incredibly cool old things can a family leave behind?"

As I've mentioned, we bought this house as-is, including all the contents, for better or for worse. I'm very happy to note that it has MUCH been for the better! Not only are we lucky enough to be in a house we just love, but we are also lucky enough to, almost every single day, find something notable. From ephemera to linens and furniture, we've stumbled across some amazing stuff. Here's a rundown of the highlights:
  • a wedding invitation dated 1891
  • a commencement week program dated 1892
  • four whole years of The Etude music magazine, 1909-1912
  • a book of postcard views from the 1893 Colombian Exposition (Chicago World's Fair)
  • a lovely silk taffeta parasol
  • several late-1800s textbooks
  • Valentine's day cards from the late 1800s
  • the original shutters to the house
  • several replacement slates for the roof--those will come in handy someday!
  • several "liniment" bottles
  • numerous old picture frames, some with pictures in, some empty
  • a lovely cast-iron (read: HEAVY) fireplace screen

But wait, there's more! Also of note: the original outhouse still stands to the northwest of the house (it's a two-seater). And the wooden clapboard siding is reputed to be hiding out underneath the steel siding that's currently there.

We love this house. We seriously do.


katielady said...

Wow! So I could come 'antique-ing' at your place! That is quite impressive. Just goes to show you that one man's trash is another man's treasure. I can't believe the family sold EVERYTHING in the house to you!

G said...

It's like our very own little Antiques Roadshow...

I'll have to post more about the history of the place. Thanks to the fact that we were able to meet the former owners and that their family has owned the house since it was built, we know quite a bit about it. It's wonderful!!