Sunday, November 13, 2005

Claustrophobia!!! Aaaaaaaagh!

You might ask yourself how it's possible that we could be claustrophobic in a house that is double the size of the one we used to live in. I'll tell you how: we brought our own stuff and mixed it with someone else's stuff, and now we just have TOO MUCH STUFF. It's crazy. There are rooms where I'm not even sure you could turn around. You have to walk in, survey your fiefdom, and then carefully (carefully) back out, stepping back into the same footsteps you used coming in. Well, maybe it's not quite that bad, but it's close.

So V and I have decided that, come spring, we're going to make some decisions as to what stays and what goes. To that end, we'll need to inventory what's there in an attempt to get a grasp on it all. We still haven't tapped what all is in the house, I don't think. Nutty!

Some things will be easier than others. Certain pieces just aren't our style, and never will be, and don't seem to have any deep connection to the house, so those will be easier to send on their way. Other things will be much more difficult to box up and ship off. Guess we'll see where it all goes.

Short posts lately. I just don't have the energy to do much else. It's been one of those falls.

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