Friday, November 18, 2005

Holes in the walls, holes in our heads?

Now, I think, is the time where V and I are beginning to look around and think "uh oh...." There are still holes in the walls from the electricians. Small holes, thankfully, but holes nonetheless. We discovered a leak in the roof. One leak, and a small one, but a leak nonetheless. The plaster ceilings are definitely quite cracked. Salvageable? Who knows?

One problem that has come up more than once is our love for the setting of the place. How could this be a problem, you ask? Well, I'll tell you how--we're loathe to make any changes whatsoever for fear of spoiling it. That means parking a hundred yards from the house and endlessly discussing where we should/should not put a driveway, barn, garage, insert outbuilding or landscape item here. I knew that reconciling beautiful history with modern convenience was going to be tricky.....but I just didn't realize how tricky it would be on the outside of the house! Sheesh!

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Amish Furniture said...

I know how you feel. Been through the same. The small glitches left behind after renovation work which we discover long after the craftmen have left is such a pain to deal with.