Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Making a house a home

What does it take before you consider your house a home? Is it simply living there? Or do you require a little something extra psychologically? I do. Normally I don't feel like I'm "home" until I've lived someplace for at least a couple of years and have put down some good roots. The weird thing is, this house has been home to me from the first moment I stepped through the kitchen door. I still get a little thrill when I come up the driveway, and I still smile when I round the bend in our driveway and see the house. It's an awesome feeling.


Leslie said...

On one hand, a house isn't really a home to me until I'm totally moved in - which is more elusive than it sounds! No more boxes, everything organized, things that we need in order to function appropriately in the house all acquired and in place. I don't mean that the fixups need to be done, but there has to be that "settled" look to it.

Then again, we knew the moment that we saw the picture on the MLS listing that this house was meant to be our home.

Anonymous said...
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G said...

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Mark said...

We are in our first home. We have been working to redo the whole thing. It is weird, it is our home but since its constantly evolving we are still not used to it. I figure once we are done and been through all the seasons that way it will truly be home.

kingstreetfarm said...

I feel the very same way about our house! It was HOME to me the moment I laid eyes on it--in fact, the moment we first drove into the driveway, my husband let out a big sigh, and said in full hearing of the RE broker, "oh God, we're in trouble". LOLOL!! Little did he/we know.

Now, 18 months or so later, it is even more home to me--and him.

Thank GOD we don't need to have every box unpacked to feel this way, though, because just this past weekend we cleared out about 25 or so of them...and have about 10 more to go before we're actually finally unpacked. Scary, but true.