Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This morning V and I discovered that we'd forgotten to turn off our little space heater/radiator downstairs (in itself a bit frightening but thankfully nothing bad happened). It just so happens that said heater is in the same room as our thermostat. Can you guess what we woke to this morning? Icy, icy, icy bedroom. The heat probably barely kicked on all night. When I woke up and yawned I could see my breath. Brrrr. You might also surmise--correctly--that it made for a freakin' COLD shower since our bathroom relies on heat from the kitchen to be any semblance of warm at all. No furnace running = cold kitchen = FRIGID bathroom. I wasn't sure my goosebumps would ever go away.

As I was leaving I brushed against a window and heard a slight crunching noise. Whaaat? Turns out our upstairs windows had a pretty darned good layer of frost on the insides, and I managed to scrape a bit of it off with my purse as I passed. Again, brrrr. Thank goodness for our uber-warm Ralph Lauren down comforter! Many has been the night when it's been almost too warm under there, but it paid for itself last night. We didn't even notice that the heat never kicked in.

Ahhhhhh, this is the life. At least that's what I tell myself. ;)


Mark said...

We find that we sleep better in the cold. A a matter of fact when gutted our bedroom we insulated it from the outside and the rest of the house. Not only does it make it quieter for sleeping. It is much cooler too. About 10-12 degrees cooler then the main portion of the house.

Anonymous said...

We had frost on the inside of our windows, too. Our windows are the original 100+ year old ones! Brrr...

But it does make for an adventure, and it is warming up here. Hopefully buy you, too.