Friday, March 03, 2006

Spring is in the air!

Can it seriously be February 20 since I last posted. Uh oh, I'd better get back into the swing of things. Not a whole lot new on the house front. Our generator is supposed to be in soon, so we'll be prepared in case of a lengthy power outage. Other than that it's been a little quiet.

Our spring project list just keeps on a growing....
  • rebuild chimney from attic up
  • replace a few slates here and there in the roof
  • scrape, prime, and paint the gutters and downspouts
  • scrape, prime, and paint window/door sills and frames
  • install new, true divided light 6-over-6 wooden windows (what we have now are baaaaad aluminum replacements from the '60s) and storms...this is likely to be a multiyear project as we won't be able to afford them all at once...maybe one or two at a time if we're lucky and win the lottery
  • pull off the steel siding, one wall at a time, and scrape, prime, and paint the clapboard underneath
  • start patching plaster
  • fix the questionable joist under the kitchen
  • repoint the foundation in spots
  • pull up carpet
  • pull down wallpaper
  • gather items that will be going to auction
  • add on a bathroom/laundry room combination

I'm a little freaked out just looking at the list, but if we do it bit by bit we'll be OK. I hope.

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katielady said...

I posted about your home-improvements on my blog last week, did you see it by any chance?

That's quite a list, btw!