Monday, March 20, 2006

Now for your viewing pleasure--pictures of the $200 temporary kitchen makeover!


After (more like during--but it's after we managed to hang all the shelves...). Note all the glorious counter space we now have! And look at how much space we still have on those shelves!! Not for long, I'm sure, so I'm basking in that extra space now.

Also note the very full glass of wine sitting on said counter. That was a very welcome addition to dinner last night.

I also promised comedy in my last post, regarding leveling the main hang track. You may not be able to see it in the pictures, but our kitchen really, truly, seriously slopes to the west/northwest. When we were leveling our hang track it became scarily apparent. I view this as semi comical, just because we knew it sloped but had NO idea how much until we put up something that is actually level according to "the bubble." Wow.

1 comment:

katielady said...

Cool, it looks AWESOME! You can't really tell it 'leans' if I didn't know in advance. Just don't put up striped wall-paper!