Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas! Hand me a hammer.

With Christmas just around the corner, it seems only right that we should have some decorations up. Thanks to V, we do! I came home one night to lovely wreaths on the door(s) and twinkling lights inside.

We decided this year to cut our own tree. What an experience! We decided to go on our way home from my folks' annual holiday party. V rightfully noted that I was not exactly dressed for cutting down a tree, what with my cashmere coat, my Burberry scarf, and my high-heeled boots (I'm not a fashionista, I swear I'm not. That coat and scarf are warm and soft!!! They're practical! I have no excuse for the boots.). Be that as it may, we headed out into the forest to cut down our tree. Well, actually what we did was walk through the many rows of pine trees they had, look at so many we could no longer differentiate them, and finally decide to "just cut one." Luckily for us, we were inspired to this rash decision while standing directly in front of a great tree.

Next year, we think we'll buy a living tree and plant it after Christmas. We wanted to do that this year but thought of it far too late. Next year we'll plan ahead and dig the hole so it's all ready to make a comfy new home for our little pine. :)

One other thing we (more like it, V) managed to do over the past few days is to put up our various paintings, prints, and photos. Thank goodness for him. I never think of things like that, even though, when they're up, I love the result. Must be missing some sort of "decor" chip or something. Anyway, he hung all of our prints from Spain, our ceramics, the painting I bought for his birthday, and scads of family photos. Our house feels like a home now!

Plaster is awesome stuff. We had plaster walls in one of our previous houses and just loved them. It's such a superior material to drywall. One drawback--removing nails from plaster is h-a-r-d! We tried to use existing nails where we could just so we didn't have to remove them all. And I'm sure we didn't get every last one. There were a LOT of things hanging up in this house when we bought it.

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