Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The doorbell rang itself today

Christmas was positively wonderful, but I won't bore you with the details.

What I will bore you with, however, are the details of our first and only (so far) spooky house occurrence. V was doing some tidying up when our doorbell rang. This doorbell is original to the house...has a lever that you push down with your thumb, which in turn rings the bell. No big deal, right? Right, until you consider that the thumb mechanism is seized up and frozen in place, which means that bell does not ring. It wasn't until after V started walking toward the door that he thought "Hmmmm, that doorbell doesn't work. How on earth did it ring?" At first he thought maybe one of the cats had bumped it. Not likely unless one of them managed to grow a foot in height. Then he thought maybe something had rattled the door, in turn rattling the doorbell enough to ding it. But it had made an entire rrrrrrrrring.

Incidentally, there was no one at the door. Thank goodness.

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