Saturday, January 03, 2009

It is finally happening!!!

Lookie! I am so very happy to have this duck-free spot of wall. You have no idea!

And...I literally have seen the writing on the wall! Of course, I can't read half of it. Sigh. Looks like a possible date of February 1904, but I don't know what that'd refer to. The house is far older than that, and the wallpaper is newer. How much newer I don't have the foggiest!


Trina said...

That's pretty cool. We never found much during our remodel BUT we did stick a note into a wall one night before we closed it back up. We were delirious and exhausted and thought hey, maybe someone will find it one day. Funny though, we got writers block as we felt as if we should write something profound or at least something terribly interesting. We decided to be 'mysterious' which basically means we just jotted down some basic facts and called it good.

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Someone who restored an oldie said he wrote to any future owners a note on the top of the bedroom doors. We can only see that when the doors come off, and how often do we do that?? I would love to hear what is written on your walls.