Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sisyphus cat just keeps rollin' a little wood trim p0rn

The red went onto two walls in the dining room tonight. It is THE most gorgeous red, and it was not easy to come by. Almost every red out there has a touch of blue, or a touch of purple, or a touch of pink, or orange, or some shade of some color other than true plain RED. But I finally found one and am rolling along now!

Here are the fabrics for the curtains. The pictures simply cannot do justice to how gorgeous they look. The overlays are beaded and sequined and will pick up light in a stunning way.

And here is the evidence that I am a fool. This is the trim I decided to strip, "just to see." Idjit!! I should have known it'd be gorgeous. Guess what project has been added to the dining room to-do list? Uhhh, yep. How can I leave the white when I know this is underneath? Besides, if you look at the above picture I think you'll agree that a deeper trim shade will look better with the general color scheme I've got going here.

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