Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We've got visitors coming

V's brother and his family are coming for a visit, which means two things:
1) we're super excited to get to show off the house
2) we're super freaked out because the house is nowhere near ready to show off

Our to-do list just got a little more, um, time-sensitive. We want to get the bathroom in decent shape, and we've got more than a little cleaning up to do. Yesterday we tidied up the guest bedroom and put clean sheets on. Whenever we have houseguests I like to pretend that we're the kindly proprietors of a B&B, so I leave fluffy towels and personal soaps on the bed. I also leave a few magazines for nighttime reading.

But back to the to-do list. We've got to clean up the grounds big-time, I have to finish painting the garden bench my dad made for us (that probably deserves its own post, because it totally ROCKS), we have a half-finished garden bed that we should at least mulch so it doesn't look so hideous, and then there's the inside. Clean, clean clean! Rearrange some furniture, maybe patch a few holes in the plaster (it's good motivation to do it, so why not do it while I'm motivated?), figure out how to make it not quite so swelteringly hot upstairs in the bedrooms without turning our AC down to 50 degrees or something....

Cripes, what am I doing sitting here typing? I should be working!

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Mrs. Mac said...

Just popping in from "Shallow Thoughts From Iowa" ... glad to read about people that are renovating older homes. Your trial by error platering job sounds like it turned out ok. As for the guests, just put up a few signs that read, "EXCUSE OUR DUST" and enjoy your visit. We're building a new home ... this process is quite a task too.