Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chicken run!

Well, it was bound to happen, and on Saturday, it happened. The Ladies got LOOSE! V and I were moving the coop and run, like we do every 3-4 weeks (the Ladies like fresh grass to scratch and eat). To do so we have to herd the Ladies into their big run, then move the coop setup in three sections. It's a lot easier to move the coop when the doors are open, and this time we apparently forgot to slide them shut when we were finished. I was refilling food, water, etc. when I looked down to my right and noticed a chicken standing beside me. As I processed this ("well, hello, little hen....wait a minute....aren't you supposed to be inside?"), I looked around and saw all five Ladies be-bopping around the yard.

Twenty frenzied minutes later, the Ladies were all back inside their coop safe and sound. I'm sure it was quite a sight, though. Two adults scurrying around while chickens flap and cluck and run. Aaaaah, country life! I wouldn't change it for the world, though. V and I were just talking about how we'd rather be outside working — we're talking hard, manual labor here — than doing almost anything else.

I so want to be off the grid.


Monica said...

Earlier this year my cousin got married (not important to the story really but I feel that context leads a sense of believability to my comments :). She choose to get married at a Bed&Breakfast up in Scapposse Oregon (I rember it well since we also got a $273 speeding ticket while we were there). This B&B had chickens that roamed free about the B&B property (not in the Llama pens though.. the chickens seemed to know that they needed to stay away from there). The manager of the B&B had an ingenious method he used to "round up" the chickens. Each evening, just before sundown, he would go into the chicken coop and throw down chicken feed. All of the chickens ran pell-mell into the coop to get at the feed. When they were all inside he closed the coop doors behind them. They seemed to be very happy, un-traumatized chickens.

katielady said...

I'm laughing out loud at the picture of you in my head running around after a bunch of chickens!

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

As long as you or V are around to keep an eye on things, let the Girls out to range a bit. They'll eat their weight in mosquitoes and have a great time. They will go back home as soon as it starts to get dark.

Come back to the Dolls Board and visit us someday, Gina!