Sunday, May 07, 2006

Looks like I'm not a bad plasterer--I hope!

So far, the plaster in the bathroom is holding up nicely. It has not cracked, it's all still on the walls, and it seems as though it's curing well. Time will tell, but for now I'm just ecstatic to not have rusty, cracked walls with big holes in them. Our bathroom makeover was nearly total, but thankfully it was not super expensive. Here's what we did (pictures to come soon--just need to download that memory card.....)
  • wet-scraped paint until I was blue in the face
  • knocked rotted plaster off the walls by the bucketfull
  • replastered walls (made my own lime putty, mixed the plaster, and installed it too)
  • painted the walls a beautiful russet color (if you can't beat the rust, you might as well join the rust!)
  • removed all the old caulk and recaulked the tub
  • removed the bookcase that had been serving as a repository for assorted toiletries and extra towels, washcloths, etc.
  • bought some baskets (thank you, Big Lots!!) and transferred all the above-referenced stuff into them
  • put said baskets onto the over-the-toilet etagere to dress it up a bit

Once the plaster is completely cured, we'll sand it a bit, then paint the patched areas. Hopefully when all is said and done, the patches won't be horribly obvious and we'll have a lovely bathroom. Hey, it may not be Architectural Digest material but we love it all the same, and I'll be mightily proud if that plaster continues to hold!!

It looks like a completely different room. Boy, I really do need to get those pictures up.

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