Friday, January 06, 2006

The wish list and the project far

If you are an independently wealthy person and would like to contribute funds either to the wish list or to help us move projects along, I don't think we'd turn you down. This is going to be one expensive endeavor! Perhaps we should implement an "adopt a clapboard" program. Hmmmm.

The wish list.

  • Good plastering tools
  • Some supplier within 30 miles who carries Type S hydrated lime so I can make lime putty for said plaster and for mortar
  • Insulation for the attic
  • A tractor so our neighbor no longer has to mow our lawn (thank you just doesn't cover it...we have awesome neighbors!)
  • Silent paint remover
  • Good quality paint scrapers
  • Refills for our respirators
  • Tyvek suits
  • Tons of 5ml or higher plastic
  • New old windows (or custom new wood windows, but prefer old wood if we can find some)
  • A hot water radiator heating system
  • A clawfoot tub

The (partial) project list, not necessarily in this order

  • Replace windows (aluminum replacements) with good-quality historic windows, if we can find them, or well-constructed wooden replacements
  • Scrape and repaint (maybe, or shellac, depending on what our paint analysis shows) trim, doors, and windows
  • Patch holes in plaster left by electrical crew
  • Expand one-time porch (now utility room/bathroom) and add second story to whole thing to create master bath (and closet?) for upstairs
  • Pull up carpet wherever it is found
  • Kitchen—I don't even have a clue what to say here other than "kitchen"
  • Remove wallpaper and either paint or re-paper
  • Strip steel siding from exterior, then scrape and paint clapboard that is hidden underneath

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