Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I'm going to take a little break from the house tour to express my deep and fervent wish that our other house sells QUICKLY. It's no fun to have V living there and me living here.....not to mention the headache of having two mortgages, two of each utility bill, two phone bills. Real fun.

In a cruel twist of the fates, it's already a slow time of year to sell a house, especially one that has a lot of good selling points (nice floor plan, good decor) but some major drawbacks from a buyer's perspective (no garage, kind of small, very little storage) as well. We have moved almost everything we own into the farmhouse, hoping that the lack of our stuff, with just a few life-neccessity items left for V, will help our house in the 'hood seem a bit bigger. We priced it quite a bit lower than what it's probably worth in an attempt to move it quickly.

Suddenly, those past episodes of "Sell This House!" and all of its relatives seem very, very important. C'mon, buyers!!!!

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